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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Once you are granted the SCPro™ Level One Certification, you must participate in continuing education programs to maintain an active certification status. The certification cycle is three years. Your cycle begins on your anniversary date, the last day of the open testing window in which you took your test. In order to earn continuing education units (CEUs), you must be SCPro™ Level One certified.

Each year, you need to earn a minimum of 20 hours (one unit is equivalent to one hour) of professional CEUs for a minimum total of 60 hours over the three-year certification cycle. No more than 30 hours may be earned in any single year.

Documentation for Continuing Education

You are responsible for maintaining and retaining the documentation for the educational programs you attend. The application process for maintaining your certification includes submitting documentation, such as:

  • Details of the educational program
  • Proof of registration (confirmation)
  • Proof of attendance (certificate of attendance or other document showing you were in attendance throughout the course of a program)

The completed certification renewal form with the above documentation should be submitted to CSCMP along with a $50.00 US renewal fee.

CSCMP’s goal is to encourage life-long learning. Continuing education credits to maintain your certification are given for supply chain content only.  If you attend a multi-purpose event, you can only claim credit for that portion that is supply chain related.  If you are uncertain if a program qualifies or the number of credits received, please contact or call +1 630.574.0985

View the listing of CEU Opportunities currently available.

Continuing Education Hours

CSCMP yearly membership5 hours of credit

Activity Hours
One full hour of delivery 1 hour of credit
Full day workshop 8/9am to 5pm 6 hours of credit
Half day workshop 8/9 to 12pm 3 hours of credit
 Roundtable Events
Standard roundtable lunch or dinner 1 hour of credit
Facility Tours 1 hour of credit
Half day workshop 3 hours of credit
Full day workshop 6 hours of credit
Pre-conference workshops 6 hours of credit
SCMEC 6 hours of credit
Annual Conference Mon – 6 hours
Tues – 6 hours
Wed –  3 hours
AGC Total 15 hours
 Global Conferences
Europe Conference ERS 6 credit hours
Day One 6 credit hours
Day Two 3 credit hours
India Conference Day One 6 hours credit
Day Two 6 hours credit
 Other Education
Onsite Education Full day is 6 hours of credit
Half day is 3 hours of credit
On-line education course Based on delivery time – 1 hours online viewing of content receives 1 hours of credit
CSCMP’s SCME – each episode has approximately 45 minutes of delivery plus review of supplemental material. One hour of continuing education credit for each episode or total of 13 hours
CSCMP Quick Courses are each approximately 45 – 50 minutes – 1 hour of credit per Quick Course
 Webinars CSCMP webinars would be 1 hours of credit
 Academic Institutions – For Credit
Semester course – 15 hours of classroom per university credit and equal to 45 hours total for a 3 credit course. CSCMP gives a maximum of 20 credits for a semester course.
Quarter course – 12 hours of classroom per university credit = 36 hours for a 3 credit course. CSCMP gives a maximum of 20 credit hours for a quarter course.
 Corporate Training Programs 
One hour of credit for 1 hours of in-classroom training that is supply chain related

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